Get Too Know Fay

Fay Stylez is a hustler! With being a stay at home of two boys and a small business owner, life is hectic. She first fell in love with business at an early age, growing up, her father, also a business owner, started and grew a huge and very successful car dealership. She understood what It was like to make sacrifices and grind to get the outcome you wanted but also desired. 

"Being a mom has changed the way I look at the world and failing is not an option. I want my boys to be proud of me and of course kids cost money" She giggled. 

At age 21 Fay moved too South Florida too attend Barry University but the degree she was pursuing was the complete opposite of business, she was enrolled in the biology program. Little did she know at that time but she would never use the Biology degree, shortly after school she became pregnant with her first born, now 3 years old. Her desire too stay at home and raise him took first priority in her life. Before she knew it, she was pregnant with her second and well, her life was not her own. Her desire and passion too own her own business and provide for her family haunted her everyday.

Until one day her passion for fashion turned into a business.  She began posting her daily looks onto social media soon her followers wanted too know where she got her items. She turned her self named business into a brand of its own. A business that allows others with little time on their plate and easy and convenient shopping experience. 

All items are made right here in the U.S.A. All of our t-shirts are 100% cotton, extremely comfy to wear, and are guaranteed to last. 

We are dedicated to providing functional clothes to women who just want to be comfortable, yet trendy. Quality items that will become your go to basics for running errands or a night out, and exclusive design releases, which best embodies our culture and ultimately reflecting a unique but familiar concept.